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Biothane® cavesson "Two Tone"

Cavesson made from 16 mm Beta BioThane®

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Biothane® cavesson "Two Tone"

Cavesson made from 16 mm Beta BioThane®, completely free from leather and other animal materials.
Beta BioThane® has the luxurious appearance of leather, but is durable and strong, does not mold, can withstand moisture, is color-resistant and is very durable. BioThane® requires little maintenance and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Our Biothane® cavesson is sewn for a smoother finish.

The cavesson is provided with a layer of foam under the noseband and headpiece. This provides more comfort for the horse.

The cavesson "Two Tone" is equipped with a jaw piece, which makes the bridle very stable. The noseband is changeable, for example when you want to use the headpiece for a hackamore or with a bit.
This cavesson is also usable as a sidepull.

Choose from silver colored (stainless steel rings and nickel buckles) or brass hardware

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