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Biothane® Halter-Bridle

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In an instant from bridle with bit to a halter. Ideal for endurance, trec and outdoor rides.

Biothane® Halter-Bridle

Halster with bit hangers made of 16 mm Beta Biothane®, possibly softly submitted with foam and an accent color in 19 mm.

Beta Biothane has the luxurious appearance of leather, is durable and strong, does not mold, can withstand moisture, is color resistant and is very durable. In addition, Biothane needs little maintenance and is easy to take with a damp cloth.

In an instant a halter

The bit is attached to the halter by means of Bit hangers. By clicking it separately, the bit is easy to remove and you can use this bridle as a halter or as a Sidepull if you can use extra sidepull rings on the nose belt.

FOAM Onderlagged

The nose belt and the headpiece can possibly be submitted with soft 25mm wide foam. This makes the bridle better worn on the sensitive nose of the horse.


Make your own unique halter-bridle by combining with colors and designs. Choose your favorite color for the base of the bridle in 16 mm Biothane. The nose strap, the leader, and the brim are overtaken with 19 mm biothane. Choose a nice accent color to be able to personalize the bridle even more. Also with the yarn, you can adjust the bridle to your own taste, and choice of many colors.
Standard the bit hangers are made in the same color as the chosen 16 mm color biothane. If you prefer it in a different color, you can indicate this as an option.

Stainless free

For the batter we have opted for high-quality materials that do not rust, choose from silver-coloured stainless steel batter or gold-coloured brass.

Custom made

Choose from different standard sizes, which are ample adjustable. Feel free to contact us to get advice about the right size or if you would like to have adjustments made to the bridle.