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Horses play and training ball 100 cm

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A great play object for horses. In a playful way, the horse learns that he can let the ball roll and move, because of this they learn that they don't have to be afraid and play with a ball a good training to make the horses tougher.
Running and romping with the ball, it doesn't matter! These balls can collect up to 300 kg.

The balls will not pop if they are leaking or breaking down, they are made of anti-burst material, so they run smoothly .

indicated sizes of the ball are the diameter of the uncommon ball.
the ball is slightly smaller.

Equipped with logo.

Pump the ball up to 90% for the first time and then let the ball rest for a day, then the ball can be complete pumped up.

A pumped ball is smooth and round, so the horses cannot put their teeth in it, make sure that the ball Use well pumped up.