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Horse play and training ball 100 cm

A wonderful play object for horses.

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A wonderful play object for horses. While playing the horse will learn that he can roll and move the ball, they will learn that they do not have to be afraid and playing with the ball is a good way to make the horse more brave.
Run and play with the ball, it does not matter! These balls can handle pressure up to 300kg.
Because they are made of anti-burst material, they will deflate slowly when getting damaged, they will not burst with a bang.

Stated dimensions of the ball are the diameter of the deflated ball. The ball is smaller when inflated.
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Fill the ball for the first time untill 90% and let it rest for one day, after that the ball can be fully inflated.
An inflated ball is smooth and round, making it difficult for the horses to get their teeth into it, make sure that the ball is properly inflated when used.

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