• Since 2004 we offer the highest quality products, designed and made with a lot of love & passion to contribute to conscious & positive communication between humans & animals.

    Most products are carefully handmade at our home on the farm.

  • We offer products for the daily handling of the horse, experiencing bitless riding, and practicing various Natural Horsemanship methods.
    They help you to get nice communication, from the ground and while riding.

  • In addition to articles for horses, we also focus on the dog lover.
    We have a wide range of dog lines for different purposes and other related products.

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Start your Natural Horsemanship journey

Find the highest quality materials to help you and your horse even better in your Natural Horsemanship Training.


Lovelance bitless collection

The Lovelance bitless collection stands out because of the beautiful designs where the wearing comfort for the horse is the most important feature.

In addition, due to the beautiful finish, very highest quality leather and unique looks.

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