About us

We are Annemiek and Stephany Bulters, mother and daughter, started with Lovelance in 2004.

Our name originated after we started selling on an online horse forum. We did this under Stephany's account with the name Lovelance. Soon our rope halters were called the "Lovelance rope halters". Later, this became LoveLance Rope Halters.

From hobby to company

Lance was our first horse. We wanted to make our own rope halter for him but came home with a lot of coloured rope. Friends and acquaintances were quickly provided their own halter and we offered the rest on the horse forum. After a while, it could no longer be called a hobby and we went to work with our own website.

Our initial product range was largely created after we had to look for an alternative way of handling Lance. Lance was a magnificently sweet horse, but clearly showed us whenever we made mistakes. As a result, we learned to communicate in a way that is honest and clear for horses.

Rope halters, lead ropes, neck ropes and all other articles were made for Lance and were then added to the website. In the meantime, Lance no longer lives, he only got to live for 17 years.
During the time he was with us we have learned a lot from him and we are now continuing this knowledge with our current horses and in our products.

Expansion of the range

Because we had large stocks of rope in the house, it was an obvious choice to make and sell our own dog leashes. For example, leashes with snaps, hunting leashes, and field leashes were made for dogs.

At the start of 2012 we added a large assortment of dog leashes to our website.

  • Our mission

    Offering High-quality products that contribute to conscious and Positive communication between humans and animals.

  • Our vision

    A harmonious cooperation between humans and animals