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Rope halters and Cross rope bridles

How do I close my rope halter or Cross Rope Bridle?

It is important that the rope halter is tied correctly. The correct knot ensures that the halter cannot fall down during use.

In the video below, Stephany and Jabato show how the rope halter is put on and how it should be tied correctly.

What is the difference between the rope halters with upper hand and Fiador Knoop?

With us you can choose from 4 models: the classic, fiador, classic luxury and fiador luxury.

The rope hallers can be made with an upper hand or with a fiador knot at the bottom of the loop. What is the difference?
Except that it is a matter of personal taste, the Fiador is smaller and symmetrical, we notice no difference in use.

The prevail knot is easier to adjust and Don't get loose quickly. The Fiador Knoop can sometimes be looser in use or in the wash. To prevent this, we stew this knot without it standing out. A rope halter with Fiador Knoop can no longer be adjusted yourself.

How do I measure the nose circumference?

When ordering a Cross Rope Bridle, we ask you to measure the nose circumference of your horse / pony. This is because the Cross Rope Bridle can only work properly if it fits properly.

To order the correct size of a rope halter, you can also provide us with the nose circumference.

Note When measuring, make sure that you measure in the right place, to avoid wrong measurements. The correct place to measure is 2 cm (about 2 fingers) below the cheekbone.

I doubt the size that my horse/pony needs, what should I pay attention to?

If you doubt what size your horse needs, we will come a long way if you send us the nose circumference. You measure this 2 cm under the cheekbone, where a high English nose belt should be.

In addition, you can also send us your current halter / bridle size. Feel free to mail us if you are in doubt, even if you need a measure between, for example, COB and Full. We can tailor your rope halter on request.

If the rope halter does not fit, we always try to come to a solution!

How do I know if my rope halter or Cross Rope Bridle fits well?

A rope halter is good when the nasal part is about 2 cm under the cheekbone. The jaw section ensures that the rope halter remains stable and place you as far as possible on the jaw. The Cross Rope Bridle should also lie 2 cm under the cheekbone. Unlike the rope halter, the Cross Rope Bridle should connect more to the head.

If the Cross Rope Bridle is loose around the head, the operation is a lot less good.

< P> The loops of a Cross Rope Bridle must be tied as small as possible. The longer the loops, the less well the aids come through.

Which rein needs which loop of my cross rope bridle?

A Cross Rope Bridle has 2 loose loops that are held together with a ring.

The left wing goes on the loop where the rope along the nose is also on the left and the rope a little along the Jaw runs up on the right.

Rechteres is therefore exactly the other way around. The nose side is on the right and the jaw runs to the left.

Make sure the Cross Rope Bridle is well around the head of the horse. So the side where you are the Cross Rope Bridle sits on the left side of the horse's head.

How do I tie a Natural Hackamore?

info to follow...

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How do I measure the right size for a Neckrope?

In order to order the correct size neckrope, the neck of your horse / pony must be measured. A neckrope should not be too tight, if this is the case then you can no longer pick up the neckrope properly to be able to steer while riding.

So follow the instructions below carefully.

Method 1: Measure from the highest point of the withers to the front of the bow/chest. Make sure that the piece of rope, with which you can measure the size, is on top of the shoulders and not in front of it.

Method 2: Take a longer piece of rope, such as a straw suit string, and tie it around your horse's neck. Try to find your most ideal size by holding the straw suit string as a neckrope. Then measure this size.

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In which length should I order my long reins?

For long reins we keep the following standard sizes on:

xsmall 3.5 meters

Small 4 meters up to and including a height of ± 110 cm

< P> Small/Medium 4.5 meters

Medium 5 meters up to and including a height of ± 150 cm

Medium/Large 5.5 meters

Large 6 meters from a height of ± 151 cm and higher

XLARGE 7 meters

XXLARGE 8 meters

To measure the size you can the following 2 methods Use:

Take the substandard of your blanket and add 75 cm here. You multiply this by 2.

So: Submary blanket in cm x 2 = length long reins.

The outcome is the ideal length for your horse/pony. <. /P>

What if you don't know the blanket size now?

Then you can measure your horse /pony. Measure from mouth angle to ass and add 75 cm again. Then you multiply by 2.

Length of mouth angle to ass in cm x 2 = length long reins.