Ghost Pas and Try Service

Ghost saddles are new to you and would like to experience riding with a Ghost saddle, are you curious how your horse or pony runs under a Ghost saddle or would you like to view a wide pass and try under guidance?
With us it is possible to experience riding with a Ghost saddle with guidance through a pass consultation or by requesting a test week with a specific ghost model.

  • What does a Fitting consult entail?

    Lovelance takes care of fitting consultation in the stable in the province of Noord-Holland.
    During a fitting session we look at which models can suit you and your horse and you have the option to try them on your horse or pony.
    We have a wide range of Ghost models, pads and accessories.
    Our starting point is to be able to give honest advice.
    During a consultation we take ample time to see which model saddle works best for you and your horse. We check how the saddle fits while standing still and while driving. Preferably in all courses and on both hands, if your horse or you, as a rider, are ready.
    On average, a saddle pass consultation takes 2 hours.

  • Who will come by?

    I, Stephany, am a fanatic user of Ghost saddles. In December 2007 I bought my first Ghost saddle. Not comparable to the current Ghost models, but I made many kilometers with this saddle.

    In 2015 I was introduced to the newer models of Ghost and I also had a number of models in possession. P>

    In 2020 I became a sub-dealer of Ghost Saddles Netherlands and I was apprenticed by Buitenzinnig.

  • What do we expect from you as an owner?

    Make sure your horse is clean and is ready for the fitting session. Ideally I can park my van bus near to where we can saddle the horse. That saves a lot of walking back and forth with things and ensures that we can work smoothly.

    It is nice to ride in a safe riding environment, think of an indoor or outer box suitable for riding a horse. Please wear a well-fitting cap.

  • What are the costs of a Fitting consultation?

    A fitting consultation costs € 60 excluding travel costs

    Travel costs are € 0.25 per kilometer driven. This is calculated from Callantsoog (1759 LK).

    The first 30 kilometers are not calculated and are free of travel costs.
    If you decide to purchase a new saddle within 14 days, you get € 20 discount on your new saddle, or choose to test the saddle for a week without extra costs.

  • Try a saddle at home

    When you are curious or like a Ghost Saddle model you can request a saddle for a test week.

    During a test week you can try this saddle at home for a week. We send a saddle on, complete with path, stirring brackets and belts.

    Possibly an elastic Ghost girth is also possible.
    Do you want to use your own girth? Then use a dressage girth and make sure that this girth passes the elbows of the horse well. A treeless saddle like Ghost is more stable when the girth is not too short.


    Trying a Ghost saddle at home costs 25 euros a week plus shipping costs.
    We send the saddle to you.
    Returning the saddle is for your own account. We pass on the return address and the saddle must be sent to us insured.

    We ask for a 200 euros deposit, which you will of course be refunded when the saddle will return. If you proceed within 14 days to purchase a new Ghost Saddle, the test costs will be discounted from your new saddle (excluding shipping costs)

  • What should I do to request a test saddle?

    Contact with us via e -mail contact . In agreement we will send the right model from our fitting collection.
    Also the choice of different types of pads, such as the thickness of the inlets and the material on the underside of the path.

  • I have a ghost saddle, but I doubt if this is still right?

    We also come home to check your current Ghost Saddle.

  • What does a saddle check cost?

    For € 45 excluding travel costs we come to check your current Ghost Saddle.
    Travel costs are € 0.25 per kilometer driven. This is calculated from Callantsoog (1759 LK). The first 30 kilometers are not calculated and are free of travel costs.

  • What does a saddle check entail?

    During a saddle check we look at whether the saddle is still straight, the cushions are correct and right under it and the path plus input are still good.
    A saddle check does not take as long as a pass and no saddles from our fitting assortment are tried.

  • I would like to sell my ghost saddle.

    We do not buy (second -hand) saddles. We can, however, mediate in the sale by taking your ghost saddle to fitting consultations and sharing this saddle on various (social media) channels.
    For mediation we ask 10% of the final selling price.