Lovelance rope halters

The handmade Lovelance rope halter is known for the good fit and quality at a competitive price. We offer various rope halters, for the smallest ponies to the largest horses and everything in between.

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11 products


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  • In every size

    We make the rope hallers to order and keep the MINI-SHETLAND-Land to extra full measurements as standard. Feel free to contact us if you are in doubt. If you want to be sure of the correct size, measure the nose of your horse and send this information"&".

    If your horse has a different size, please contact us. Upon request, we can make adjustments such as a narrower nose or more space at De Kaak.

  • Work halters

    Rope hallers are working halves. The thin surface of the rope gives you clear communication. The pressure you can put on the halter is so precisely for the horse that it quickly becomes clear to him what the intention is, the horse will learn to give "&"way to pressure faster.
    A stable halster gives pressure on a much larger surface , the communication is delayed by this.

  • NB!

    The rope is very strong, it does not break if a horse stays with it or hangs, the rope can cut. Never leave the halter into the meadow, paddock or stable and don't secure it, not even in the trailer. The use of a rope halter is at your own risk.

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