Ghost Features

What makes the basis of a ghost saddle unique?

The core of a Ghost saddle is the flexible base, reinforced by Carbon. At the front of the base is the pommel, a front bow. This front arch is flexible so that the saddle can adapt to the width of the horse, but ensures that the saddle retains its shape.

  • Lots of freedom for the backbone

    The stirrups and canals are attached to the base. This suspension is attached to the side, so there are no straps over the back which in turn keeps the backbone free of pressure. The single bumps can be laid forward or backwards, depending on where your horse's girth groove is located and there are two bracket positions.

  • Choose the length that suits you and your horse

    Ghost saddles are available in different lengths.

    The standard; back length 58cm

    bellboy; back length 53 cm

    bambino; back length 51 cm

    For the very small riders and ponies, models are available with a back length from 37 cm (ask for the possibilities)

  • Under the base, the pillows of the saddle are attached. These can be moved by Velcro and partly because of that the Ghost saddles can be made to make up several types of horses.

  • There is a choice of different types of pillows, made up of multiple layers of foam.

    Which pillows are the best choice for your horse? That is very personal. The horse or rider can give a clear preference.

    You can try the NO4 and NO3 pillows by booking a fitting session.

  • The no4 Italy cushions are sturdy cushions of 4.5 cm thickness. These pillows have a nice and sleek finish and cannot be opened, so the filling can no longer be replaced.

  • The No3 cushions have almost the same structure in terms of filling as the Italy cushions. The filling of these pillows is in a cover that can be opened. The content can be changed as a result. These pillows have rounded edges.

  • NO2 cushions are similar in terms of looks with the NO3 cushions. The build-up of the filling is only slightly different and this also makes these pillows a little thinner, 3.5 cm.