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Brockamp Support Barebackpad Pony

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The BK Support Barebackpad has an extra thick high density foam filling. The path has a subtle crowd on the front and back where you experience even more support on you as a rider. This barebackpad has an anatomical back line.


The top is made of really suede, this gives more grip and this makes you very sturdy in this path.


The underside of the path is made of Sympanova, this material can be cleaned well and works as an anti-slip. If you prefer to put a cover between the path your horse, this is of course also possible.


The single bumps are made of leather, just like the handle on the path. The single bumps are attached at the bottom of the path, so you prevent pressure from being exerted over the back through the single. The pad comes with Sympanova Singel of 35 cm. The use of your own dressageingingel is also possible.

The back length of this path is 45 cm