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Flexible hay ball

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Hang the flexible hay ball in the paddock or in the stable and fill it with roughage such as hay, grass, branches, herbs and vegetables.
day Out your horse by hanging the ball in different places and height. In this way you boot the natural eating behavior of a horse when this is not possible in the paddock or stable of your horse.

The ball is made of natural rubber, safe for animals and is easy to clean. Available in different sizes and colors.
Easily hang the ball with the hanging rope that you can optionally order.

Size M is +/- 11 cm
Size L is +/- 15 cm
Size XL is +/- 20 cm

Use Size L and XL For, for example, hay, herbs and grasses
Size M is very suitable for branches or hang it in the spring filled with horse fur for the nests of birds.