Grippy Biothane Reins 16mm

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biothane reins made from 4mm thick grippy biothane.
grippy biothane has a rubber-like feel, which gives it much more grip than standard Beta Biothane

If you drive with a double reins, we recommend combining a 16mm and a 13mm wide reins!

High quality materials

The biothane that we use for these reins is thicker than the standard biothane which we use for the bridles, for example, this makes these reins even finer in the hand!
The reins are made as desired with musketon, but you do not want to use metal on your bit, bitless location or captome, choose a finish with buckles!

The reins are available in black or dark brown.

We make reins in a number of standard sizes, do you want a size made to your liking? Then contact us