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Hunter y-harnas neoprene

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The perfect fit of the harness makes it ideal for daily use, dog sports and other activities.

The neoprene harness is particularly easy to clean and durable. It is essential that a dog harness fits correctly. The neoprene harness is available in many different sizes, so the right size for your dog is always in between. Moreover, the 3-way seamless sliding controllers has so that you can guarantee the perfect fit for your four-legged friend. For extra comfort, the neoprene harness, as the name suggests, has soft neoprene filling. The perfect fit of the harness makes it ideal for daily use, as well as dog sports and other activities. Both the strong nylon of the tires and the neoprene are very easy to clean. If the neoprene-harnas gets dirty, the dirt can be easily washed. It dries quickly and you are ready to go again.
  • Difficult nylon
  • filled with soft neoprene
  • Reflecting
  • Easy to maintain
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • adjustable belly belt with two click closures
  • Length of chest strap to belly band adjustable with slider

size chart

size neckline adjustment option
Chest circumference
XS 32 cm 36-44 cm 1.5 cm
S 39 cm 42-53 cm 1.5 cm
m 42 cm 53-65 cm 2.0 cm
m/l 52 cm 58-72 cm 2.0 cm
L 65 cm 72-91 cm 2.5 cm
L-XL 72 cm 77-100 cm 2.5 cm