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Balance rein biothane

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A balance rein is worn around the neck of the horse while driving and has several functions.
This way the balance rein ensure more balance of the rider And from the horse.

Many horses respond positively to the balance rein, although it requires some practice, from the horse and the rider.
The horse carries the balance rein low on the neck. You keep the balance rein as an extra rein in your hand with light contact, it is not the intention that you drive with constant pressure, you give small aids with it.

The aids you give with a balance rein can help the horse to move more weight to the hindquarters.
Handy with young horses who still have to learn a lot of aids, horses that are in advance, horses that hang or go too deep or horses that are in front.
With good use, the horse will become lighter in the front, this ensures more weight on the hindquarters and better back use.

You can use the balance rein together with your (bitless) bridle or loose as a Neckrope.
  • made from Beta Biothane in many different colors
  • with very soft padding from foam for soft effect and comfortable to wear for the horse
  • available in two sizes, size full, adjustable to 195 cm and size pony adjustable to 155 cm
  • use as a balance rein or neckrope
  • When used as a Neckrope, we recommend driving in a fenced driving environment