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Short holder

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Due to the short length of the short holder it is possible to hang it on the collar or on the harness while the dog runs loose. This makes it easy to keep the dog with you in situations where it is necessary by grasping the short holder. This is possible during your walks in the loose area, during your training, but the short holder is also a commonly used line during the Agility Training.
The short holder is made narrow of 10mm wide, flat rope. To see which colors we have in our range, take a look at our color information page and click here .

Short holder with or without handle.

There is a choice of 3 models. A straight model, a safe choice if your dog loose in the forest. This short holder is approximately 28 cm including musketon.
Possibly available with a leather stop, this leather ensures that you have more grip while holding the dog.

The Short Holder with Lus has a handle. This short holder is approximately 35 cm long (incl. Musketon).