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Sidepull Dressage

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Which browband?

Lovelance Sidepull Dressage

With this Sidepull you are guaranteed to stand in the dressage ring!

Besides that this bridle is very nice to see, when designing, we have also taken the comfort of your horse as a starting point.


The anatomical headpiece with padding is comfortably wide on top and runs narrower along the ears. The extra wide nose belt is softly submitted. The noseband is wider in the middle than on the side of the head.

Stable location

The bridle is equipped with a jaw belt, this gives a more stable location and keeps the baking piece away from the eye. The jaw belt is also equipped with soft padding. This Sidepull is well adjustable on 2 points to give the jaw belt the correct location.

Choose your front strap

Choose from two different front trips. Go for a classic, elegant look with a simple wave browband or choose a browband with Stellux ™ crystallen for more bling bling.

High quality

The bridle is made of German leather , this is leather of the highest class. You can feel this, the softness of this bridle is striking.

The Sidepull Dressage is sold without reins.

size chart

Because the jaw belt is attached to a ring, you have more play than the sizes now indicate.

1. Nose circumference 2. Nasal strap to nose belt (leader) 3. Jaw belt
COB 54-62 cm 80-104 cm 32-38 cm
Full 59-69 cm 88-116 cm 38-44 cm