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Sidepull Nose belt of rope

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loose sidepull nose belt for attachment to your own bridle.
Optionally with adjustable Kinriem from Biothane (leather look)
This Sidepull with Biothane Kinriem is suitable for horses and ponies.

We make the Sidepull nose belt in different sizes.
Mini Shet size Nose belt 21 cm- nose circumference from 40 to 45 cm
Shet size Nose belt 24 cm- Nose circumference from 45 to 50 cm
Pony < EM Data-MCE fragment = "1"> size Nose belt 27 cm- Nose circumference from 50 to 55 cm
COB size nose belt 30 cm- nose circumference from 55 to 60 cm
Full Size nose belt 33 cm- nose circumference from 60 to m 65 cm
XFULL size Nose belt 36 CM- Nose circumference from 65 to 70 cm

The indicated length of the noseband is measured between the rings.

  • made from 18 mm rope flat wide rope
  • Possibly with Kinriem from Biothane
  • suitable for attaching to your own bridle
  • Nose belt with core, making the Sidepull softer for the horse
  • Note, this noseband is less suitable for long-term riding with contact rein or troubled shelter
  • with stainless steel or brass rings