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Sidepull Zephyr

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incredibly soft sidepull made from European leather. Designed with the comfort of your horse as a starting point.
This bridle can be adjusted on several points just like the other Sidepull models from the Lovelance collection. This makes it possible to create the perfect fit for your horse.
The bridle is very soft under the straight headpiece, the jaw belt, under the 4 cm wide nose belt and under the buckle of the nasal belt.

Sidepull Zephyr is available in the sizes COB and Full and in 3 colors.
Black with dark brown, dark brown with black skilled and in the Cognac.

High quality

The bridle is made of European leather , this is very high class. You can feel this, the softness of this bridle is striking.

This Sidepull is sold without reins. Fragment = "1">

size chart

1. Nose circumference 2. Nasal strap to nose belt (leader) 3. Jaw belt
COB 52-62 cm 79-99 cm 42-54 cm
Full 61-71 cm 85-115 cm 53-46 cm