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USG Reitsport

USG Barebackpad

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The USG Barebackpad has an anatomically shaped back line.
The Barebackpad is softly padded, ideal for driving without a saddle, but still relieving the horse's back . The bottom is of neoprene, this is water -repellent and does not slip. Easy to clean with a wet cloth or sponge.

The top is of art Suede, this gives you a safe feeling as a rider because this gives a lot of grip.
There are no sentings on the back at this barebackpad, this is a horse -friendly system. The V-singel bumps are suitable for a dressage single (not supplied) and have soft cushions with a groan wool to make the gay sticks more comfortable for your horse or pony. These pillows can possibly be removed.

The size of this barebackpad is COB-Full and the total back length is ± 50 cm.